Martin Tomlinson Motor Racing Art

14th March 2017

John Surtees

Nobody, but nobody has ever given more to a sport than what John Surtees has given and achieved in motorsport!

Seven times a World Champion on motor cycles, F1 World Champion, CanAm Champion, Racing car constructor - Surtees cars won championships in Formula 2, Formula 5000 and were F1 podium fiishers.

After retirement from racing Surtees, would give demonstrations at historic racing events. He championed a path through motorsport which youngsters could follow. And of course he supported ("it's good to get some grease under my finger nails again!") his son Henry through karting and into cars until his untimely death in 2009. Surtees then worked tirelessly for the Henry Surtees Foundation, a charily which was set up in his son's memory.

Make no mistake there will never be another one quite like John Surtees.


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