Martin Tomlinson Motor Racing Art

13th June 2017

Rolling Back the Years

It's been a long time since I saw Ludovicio Scarfiotti’s Ferrari F1 being refuelled in the paddock at Brands Hatch – 50 years to be precise! The 312 was then fired up and driven back across the paddock to the Ferrari transporter by chief mechanic Guilio Bosari who took great pleasure in revving the V12 engine as hard as he could as he did so. What music!

It doesn't happen like that any more. Now-a-days. It’s the click of key pads and when a modern F1 engine is started up, it sounds little different from a carpet cleaner.

However, a recent  visit to Brands Brands on practice day for the Historic Masters meeting was like rolling back the years. Back to a time when any enthusiast could wander around the pits and paddock, talk to the drivers,  mechanics and smell and hear the cars at close quarters.

Just to be in a pits when a Lola T70, CanAm Mclaren or any number of DFV engined F1 cars are started up brought it all back and re-affirmed why I have been passionate about racing cars for… well … over fifty years!

Being so close to the action, also allowed me to do some sketching.


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