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Something Really Special

Talk to any racing driver and I’ll guarantee not one of them will admit to being a bad racing driver. After all there’s no such thing as a bad racing driver is there? Talk to the same people about the racing cars t...

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The Great Jim Clark

It was eighty years ago today that the great Jim Clark was born. Those of us lucky enough to have seen him race will probably rate him as one of the very best, if not the very best racing driver of all time. When Clark was in ...

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Happy Birthday 'Il Grande Giovanni'

Today it is John Surtees' birthday - the only person to have won world championships on both two (7) and four wheels (1). Add to that, numerous wins in the classic sports car races, formula 2, Can-Am Champion in 1966, six IOM TT'...

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Britains First World Champion

It's 57 years ago this week (22nd January) that the then reigning Formula One World Champion Mike Hawthorn was kliled in a road accident near his Farnham home. Nowadays it's often forgotten that Yorkshire born Hawthorn was Bri...

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