Motor Racing Artist - Martin Tomlinson

Martin Tomlinson is a motor racing artist who specialises in painting life-like representations of racing and sports cars. He has exhibited paintings at Silverstone, Le Mans, the Goodwood Festival of Speed and London’s West End.

Martin has always been obsessed with all things motor racing and from a very early age has sketched and painted racing cars.

His passion for racing started when he went to Crystal Palace in the early 1950’s. Since then, Farina and Ascari apart, he has seen every single F1 World Champion in action!  Martin has raced and has even commentated at Brands Hatch!  It is with this background and passion that gives him the ‘feel’ and in-depth knowledge of the subject – essential for a motor racing artist .

Martin works in gouache and currently paints to two styles;

The traditional style which features a specific car/driver combination at a particular event. For those who own classic or historic racing or sports cars this could mean that the painting could feature the owner/driver at a historic meeting or if the car has a history the car in period. 

More recently Martin has developed a more graphic style. This features a static car where the limited background consists mainly of the manufacturers badge and one or two items which relate to that specific car. Take a look at 

Paintings vary in size, but generally the finished item (without frame) will measure in the region of 500 x 350mm. The actual proportions will depend on the subject matter. Larger paintings are possible. 

Martin can also work in pencil and these sketches will cost less than a painting as they do not take as long to create.

So, if you want to commission a painting or drawing of your car or your favourite motor racing memory, talk to Martin a motor racing artist who knows all about the subject.

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